Pretty purdie and the playboys stand by me whatcha see is whatcha get

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 · The most famous loop af all times! "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample( starts at 1:26 ) from the b-side of this chart-topping single from 1969. This ...

Not so much an album as it is a master class in the art of funk percussion, Soul Drums is the quintessential Bernard "Pretty" Purdie LP, an unstoppable rhythm machine made all the more memorable by its fiercely idiosyncratic production. Paired with pianist/arranger Richard Tee , guitarists Eric Gale and Billy Butler , bassist Bob Bushnell , and tenorist Seldon Powell , Purdie creates a suite of deep funk grooves notable for the sheer insistence of their energy as well as the remarkable imagination and skill of their beats, all topped off with echo-chamber-like production that underscores the music's visceral punch. It is virtually impossible to listen to Soul Drums without nodding your head and tapping your foot -- and physical response, not thoughts or words, are its most sincere praise.

Even though Bernard "Pretty" Purdie had gone by the nickname "Mississippi Bigfoot," this prolific studio player grew up in Maryland before moving to New York in the early 1960s where he got his start doing sessions with jazz artists like Nina Simone and Gabor Szabo. Known for his intricate hi-hat "ghost notes," Purdue soon became one of the most in-demand drummers in the entire industry, serving as Aretha Franklin's musical director for several years when he wasn't busy recording with everyone from Steely Dan to Mongo Santamaria to Bob Marley. The question isn't who Pretty Purdie played with; it's who he hasn't. “Bernard always some unique stylistic thing that he did that you’d never imagine in advance that nobody else would do,” Steely Dan’s Walter Becker recalled.

The Sweethearts are the only Australian musicians to have shared the stage with the great Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie (Aretha Franklin, James Brown & . King to name but a few!).

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Pretty Purdie And The Playboys Stand By Me Whatcha See Is Whatcha GetPretty Purdie And The Playboys Stand By Me Whatcha See Is Whatcha GetPretty Purdie And The Playboys Stand By Me Whatcha See Is Whatcha GetPretty Purdie And The Playboys Stand By Me Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get