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"But wait," you're hopefully thinking right now, "where was the radar, alarms, and all of the other safety gear intended to save us airline passengers from that kind of explosive human error?" Well ...

How might stock markets and currency markets react to the scenario above? To me it would look like a drop of at least 1000 points on the S & P. The US dollar might actually rise initially as a whole lot of debt is renounced — which makes money actually disappear — but then you have the Federal Reserve waiting on another flank to roll out their own emergency response: Quantitative Easing No. 4, flooding the system with new “money” that has all the appearance and none of the mojo of value, tanking the dollar anew. As a wise correspondent of mine wrote a while back: “ financialization is nothing more than money with its value removed .” (Graham Reinders.)

Brohm returned for his senior season. After taking every snap as a junior, Brohm proved he was fully recovered from his ankle injury. [13] After defeating San Jose State to begin the season, Brohm had a dominant performance against Memphis State , throwing for four touchdowns and 219 yards—175 yards and three touchdowns of which went to Aaron Bailey . [14] The following week, Brohm threw for a career-high 331 yards defeating the #23 Arizona State 35–17. [15] Brohm led the Cardinals to the #17 ranking. During the game against #24 West Virginia , Brohm threw for 270 yards. However, he had two very critical turnovers, including an interception with 3:02 to play. The Cardinals were upset by the Mountaineers 36–34. [16] After a 7–1 start, the Cardinals accepted a bid to be the home team in the 1993 Liberty Bowl [17] Brohm broke the index finger of his passing hand in Louisville's final regular season game. [18] His finger was repaired with a steel plate and pins, and he wasn't allowed to throw until the week before the bowl game. [18] Trailing 7–3 going into the 4th quarter against the Michigan State in the Liberty Bowl, Brohm threw for two touchdowns in the final minute leading the Cardinals to a 18–7 victory. [18] [19]

Even though a song may be out of popularity, its power to deliver Truth to those who hear it is never diminished. That's why we are committed to providing you with the BEST selection of Accompaniment Tracks available ANYWHERE .

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Code of Federal Regulations


In April 2011, Rage TV taped shows at Duane "Gillberg" Gill 's Professional Wrestling Academy in Severn, Maryland . The show was hosted by country music singer Mark Bray and Gill. [12]

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