The valentines peculiar hole in the sky

I would only add that the reason almost no one knows Marie Sklodowska-Curie was polish, is because her name is always written as just “Marie Curie”. She was born and raised in Poland, she just decided to marry french guy and that’s why she got french nationality as well.

A small selection of funny poems by Max Scratchmann that focus on the misery and misanthropy which surrounds Christmas for those who endure rather than enjoy the annual ritual. From the premature ejaculation of festive frivolity onto the High Streets in October to picking the last pine needles out of the carpet in June, Christmas is a festival that get under Max's skin for most of the year.

In May '69 Doug Lavery was poached by Brian Cadd, to join to join his new country-rock supergroup Axiom ; Doug was replaced by Paddy Beach (ex- Compulsion ). In September John Cooksey also left, so Ted Ward took over on bass, reducing the band to a five piece. Later that month they made headlines when they became the first major Australian group to be arrested for the possession of marijuana -- although they were not the first, as is often reported -- members of The Id had been busted in Sydney a couple of years earlier. Luckily for the Valentines, they were treated rather leniently by the standards of the day -- they were each fined $150 and placed on good behaviour bonds. They were unrepentant, however, and made an open statement in Go-Set in favour of the legalisation of pot -- quite a controversial move at the time.

The Christianity Today article above never mentioned the pagan origins of the holiday. The closest it comes is by stating:

Please enjoy these fun seasonal gift tags.  You can download a high quality (300 dpi) print version from Dropbox using the blue links below. You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file.

The Valentines Peculiar Hole In The SkyThe Valentines Peculiar Hole In The SkyThe Valentines Peculiar Hole In The SkyThe Valentines Peculiar Hole In The Sky