Blue magic mystic dragons

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As the Pink Mystic Ranger, Vida wields the power of wind. She has shapeshifting powers which allow her to conjure giant, butterfly-shaped "Mystical Wings". She usually rushes into battle, making her an effective fighter. She owns a Mystic Racer and can change into the Mystic Sprite, which serves as the Mystic Dragon's head. In this form, she can use her shape-shifting magic to become a ball for the others to attack the enemy with. As the Pink Legend Warrior, Vida gains the Mystic Lion Staff which allows her to cast the Whirlwind spell and allows her, Madison, Chip, and Xander to become the Mystic Lion.

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Other proofs of magical neutrality are the Olympian Gods , who (usually) use them to help mortals and keep the balance of the world. However, Hades uses his powers in a selfish attempt to overthrow Zeus (and the rest of the Olympian Gods ) and abuses his godly abilities and mistreats the souls of those who live in the Underworld .

Magical Energy Manipulation : The key power that allows one to use Magic; the powers are based around certain concepts/categories.

The focus goes back to Tanis's group travelling to the port city of Flotsam. The adventurers pose as a traveling magic show, with Raistlin the star magician, and are able to make some money and escape undue attention. En route, Raistlin gains power over, and masters the use of, the Dragon Orb he obtained in Silvanost.

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Blue Magic Mystic DragonsBlue Magic Mystic DragonsBlue Magic Mystic DragonsBlue Magic Mystic Dragons