Sharons turn on coloured lights

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                                Slave To Lady Nina Birch

I have a one position available for a personal slave/submissive. There are strict requirements that are essential you must be:

1)  Totally reliable and an excellent timekeeper
2)  Open to experiencing ALL aspects of domination for my amusement and pleasure, including feminsation and possible bi encounters
3)  Single or divorced
4)  Living in the UK
5)  Healthy, fit and well groomed
6)  Good at DIY, photography, computer skills or carpentry - these are a bonus in your application
7)  Totally willing to show your face in the event I may need you to appear with myself and my Mistress friends in femdom movies
8)  Available for a session with me once a month
9)  Able to drive and own a car for outings with me
10) Reasonably flexible with your time in the event I may need you to join me in sessions

If you think you measure up and are SURE you are commited to meeting my exacting requirements email me at [email protected] . Attach one full body shot and one face shot. Also send details of your level of experience, fetishes, main interests and details of any other skills (other than sex slave)  you think could be of use to me.

If this book succeeds in becoming Bert Weedon’s “Play In A Day” for some lost month in the late eighties we will be happy. If anybody actually gets a Number One by following our instructions we promise them a night out with The JAMS in Madagascar. We will arrange everything. For those that might be offended please read all “he’s”, “hims” and “his”‘ as “she’s”, “hers” and “hers”‘. Being blokes it was easier writing it the way we did.

We also have a brick and mortar retail store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles which houses all of our online collectible vinyl and memorabilia, as well as an incredible selection of reasonably-priced, quality used vinyl LPs, vinyl 45s, CDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Posters, T-Shirts and a whole lot more.

Sharons Turn On Coloured LightsSharons Turn On Coloured LightsSharons Turn On Coloured Lights