Various cajun home music

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Since April 15, 1980, people from around Acadiana and around the world have been stopping in to sample the savory dishes created by Prejean's talented team of culinary experts. Taking the world by storm since their first visit to a culinary competition some 20 years ago. Prejean's now holds the record for the most medals captured by any culinary team in the south. Prejean's is proud to have served such dignitaries as diplomats from NATO, a . Supreme Court Justice, State Supreme Court Judges and various Governors. Also on the list are Congressional members, military Colonels and Generals, noted actors, writers and musicians. Prejean's Restaurant has received accolades in numerous magazine and newspaper articles from around the world. Described as "an incredible dining experience," and a "fun-fill time not to be missed when visiting Lafayette," Prejean's has become a Lafayette landmark, loved by visiting and local diners alike.

Also, this article never mentioned creole/la la music. There are many songs in the cajun, creole and zydeco repertoire the shared by the 3 genras but just played in the respective styles. A song like the Eunice Two Step is a perfect example.

Various Cajun Home MusicVarious Cajun Home MusicVarious Cajun Home MusicVarious Cajun Home Music