Sammie americas gasphetti affanno damore

A Dutch couple, Rex and Saskia, are on holiday in France, as they drive, Saskia shares a recurring dream in which she is drifting through space in a golden egg. In the most recent dream, another egg containing another person appeared; she feels the collision of the two eggs would signify the end of something.

Meanwhile, Vrienten began to work with singer-songwriter Boudewijn de Groot in the studio and on stage. While recording the 1975-album Waar ik woon en wie ik ben ( Where I live and who I am ) he met keyboard-player Ernst Jansz and drummer Johnny Lodewijks. The latter suggested to form a reggae-band. The Rumbones (Rumboon; Dutch alcohol-filled chocolate ), led by the vocals of French Toots -soundalike Cris Lester, toured from October 13 to November 12, 1977 and split up immediately afterwards. Vrienten moved on to Sammie America's Gasphetti, recorded demos at his garage and did another tour with de Groot. Jansz offers him to join his band Doe Maar but Vrienten turns it down, questioning the survival prospects of a Dutch-language group playing for fun. In 1980 he changed his mind after ending the relationship with his wife and her two teenage kids. Vrienten joined Doe Maar in time for the recording of their second album; he delivered three songs and co-designed the green/pink-sleeve as the band's trademark colours.

Sammie Americas Gasphetti Affanno DAmore