Sagittarius in my room navajo girl

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What really comes in handy is your ability to get the ball rolling.  You make what is dark and complex to him (sex =– after all, it’s his religion) light, fun and natural.  Jostle him up a bit.  Rough up his hair.  Reach out with a light slap on the shoulder or a little shove on the back – the way kids play.  You’re the only one who could ever get away with that, with crossing those famous Scorpio boundaries, and he’ll admire you for it. (He thinks he’s really scary.)     Now you have his attention – pull back and play hard to get.  Book some tennis matches with your male friends or grab a girlfriend for a quickie trip to Europe.  In other words, just be yourself!

Healthy, wealthy and wise? Saturn departs Scorpio, your sixth house of health and organization, after two years of playing administrative taskmaster and personal trainer. If you rose to the challenge, you could be in great shape, even if  it meant the chaotic and stressful revamp of, well, your whole life. Now that you’ve overhauled, how about making room for a plus-one? Saturn will spend the next three years in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, putting the emphasis on committed relationships. Gemini, your free-spirited sign can be a little slippery, not wanted to be “tied down.” Now, you’ll discover both the benefits and the challenges of choosing one person or path for the long haul. Everything is a learning experience, so even if a serious relationship doesn’t survive Saturn’s reign, you will emerge wiser, evolved and mature from stepping up to the challenge. And if it does? Well, the two of you could be together ’til the end of the road—humbly and happily ever after.

Sagittarius In My Room Navajo GirlSagittarius In My Room Navajo GirlSagittarius In My Room Navajo GirlSagittarius In My Room Navajo Girl