The globetrotters the globetrotters

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Handles Franklin had many positive role models growing up – first and foremost being his parents. His father was a police officer, and his mother worked at a hospital. “They both served the community and passed that mentality on to me,” says Handles. He also credits his high school coach, Bill Gaffey, for setting him on the right path. “He taught me that education was very important.

Abe Saperstein, owner/manager of the world-famous "Harlem Globetrotters", an all-Negro professional basketball team, signs Billy Townsend, an All-American, to play with the "Globetrotters." Saperstein want Billy to finish school first and get his degree but, despite the good advice, Billy quits college and joins the team. He becomes the team star, gets married although it is against the team regulations, and is injured. As a result, the team loses an important game and Billy is fired. He signs a big-money contract to play with another team in the following season. but when he hears that his old team needs him. he forgoes the big money and rejoins the "Globetrotters." Written by Les Adams <[email protected]>

The Globetrotters The GlobetrottersThe Globetrotters The GlobetrottersThe Globetrotters The GlobetrottersThe Globetrotters The Globetrotters