Various folk music of spain

Ani DiFranco is probably the most prominent Gen-X folksinger. Since the release of her self-titled debut in 1990, DiFranco has built an excessively loyal fanbase around the world, as well as a rather successful independent record label out of her hometown in Buffalo, NY. She averaged about an album a year of her own work and has managed to also slide in several collaborations and benefit albums, not to mention an endlessly rigorous tour schedule.

Harry Smith was a West Coast filmmaker, bohemian, and eccentric, who, around 1940, developed a hobby of collecting old blues , jazz , country , Cajun , and gospel records, 78s being the only medium at the time. While mainstream America often considered these records to be ephemeral , he took them seriously and accumulated a collection of several thousand recordings, and over time began to develop an interest in seeing them preserved and curated.

Various Folk Music Of SpainVarious Folk Music Of SpainVarious Folk Music Of SpainVarious Folk Music Of Spain