Speedometors disgrace

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SALTATIO MORTIS – Willkommen in der Weihnachtszeit
ANGRY SNOWMANS – Is there a Present there for me [AVENGERS – The A. in me]
REVILLOS – Santa Claus is coming to Town
GODFATHERS – ‘Cause I said so
WENDY & LEMMY – Stand by your Man [TAMMY WYNETTE]
HYMANS – We hope you get a merry merry merry X-mas
ATTAQUE 77 – Flores Robadas
TERRORGRUPPE – Abels trauriges Fest
WHITE FLAG – Face down
CREAMERS – Father Christmas [KINKS]
DORKS – Dispo Pogo
EA80 – It’s Christmas
CORONERS – Ihr Kinderlein kommet [Live, Markthalle, Hamburg, ]
BUM – Wedding Day [Demo, ]
MR. T EXPERIENCE – Merry fucking Christmas
OUTCASTS – Don’t want to be no Adult
STALAG 17 [IRL] – Society’s Fairytale
DESCENDENTS – Christmas Vacation
DAMNED – Smash it up [BBC ‘Saturday Live’ Radio Session, ]
PROTEX – Heartache
SHE-MALE TROUBLE – Between the Lines
CUTE LEPERS – Some Hits hurt
SEX PISTOLS – Did you no wrong
DWARVES – Dominator
SHOTGUN RATIONALE – Buddhists on Fire
YOBS [aka. BOYS] – Silver Bells

The original blue vinyl interior appears to be in nearly-new condition, albeit with a crack in the dashboard. The odometer shows about 49,000 miles but actual mileage is unknown. It would be a shame to see this car changed visually as many Interceptors were used up like tissues and tossed away, crushed, and made into washing machines. That said, it would be equally woeful if this car never got a chance to burn up a pair of dry-rotted snow tires in a ceremonial controlled burnout. Better yet, it might be fitted with some modern drag radials and go back to its NASA roots with an occasional launch down the 1320.

Speedometors DisgraceSpeedometors DisgraceSpeedometors DisgraceSpeedometors Disgrace