The alarm marching on

Released in 2000, the remastered edition featured a revised track listings, b-sides and previously unreleased recordings, new and original artwork, unseen photos, lyrics, sleeve notes by Mike Peters and interactive programming information to play the EP in its original form.

In 1977, a punk band was formed in Rhyl , Wales, billed as "The Toilets". [2] It contained Mike Peters (aka Eddie Bop), Glyn Crossley (aka Steve Shock), Richard "O'Malley" Jones (aka Bo Larks) and Nigel Buckle (aka Des Troy). In 1978, the band ceased to exist, becoming "Quiasimodo" and playing note for note covers of The Who 's Live At Leeds with guitarist Dave Sharp. This group also included Karl Wallinger on keyboards. [3] Later the group named themselves "Seventeen," [2] with both Mike Peters and Nigel Buckle alongside Eddie MacDonald (who had been Mike Peters' next door but one neighbor in Edward Henry Street, Rhyl). Seventeen began as a three-piece but were soon joined by guitarist David Kitchingman (who changed his name to Dave Sharp ) and became a power pop mod band who released a single ("Don't Let Go" / "Bank Holiday Weekend") in March 1980 [2] and toured with the Stray Cats later that year. They played their last concert together under the new name of "Alarm Alarm" in January 1981 at the Half Moon , Herne Hill, London, but this would also be the last time this name was used.

     God, the Heavenly Father, told Jesus, His Son (our Lord), to sit down at His right hand, until He made His enemies (Satan and his horde of demons) His footstool (or brought them under His Authority and Rule).

The Alarm Marching OnThe Alarm Marching OnThe Alarm Marching OnThe Alarm Marching On