Dillinger cokane in my brain power

gonna teach you the right way And the
proper way to spell New York. Well go
ahead John. A knife, a fork, a bottle and a
cork That's the way we spell New York,
Jim. You see I'm a dynamite.
So all you got to do is hold me tight,
Because I'm out a sight you know.
Because I'm dynamite.
But everytime I walk in the rain. Man, o
man, I feel a pain I feel a burning pain,
keep on burning In my bloody brain.
I've got cokane running around my brain, I've got
cokane running around my brain. I want to dig me
soul brothers and sisters I want you to hold me
tight cause I'm a dynamite I got cokane running
around my brain.
No matter where I treat my guests You see,
they always like my kitchen best 'Cause I've
cokane running around my brain Cokane
running around my brain yea. Hey Jim, Jim,
where is Jim man? I want to tell you somethin' I
want you to spell for me New York Come an
Jim, how you spell New York?
A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, That's
the way we spell New York right on Out of
sight man right on O right on. Yeah right on.
Man oh man I run around I've got to read the setting
sun 'Cause I've got cokane A whole lot, a whole lot of
cokane man. Running around my brain, running
around my brain Cokane, cokane, running around my
brain yeah.

Thanks in part to innovators like U-Roy and Big Youth , DJ music became popular in Jamaica in the early '70s, spawning several original stylists like Dennis Alcapone , I-Roy , and Dillinger in the process. Fortunately, after years of sporadic reissues, these somewhat overlooked performers are being heard on many quality retrospectives, including this fine Dillinger title from Trojan. Combining the Charly collection Cocaine with several early singles cut with mentor Lee "Scratch" Perry , Cocaine in My Brain traces Dillinger 's development and subsequent rise to fame during the '70s. Big hits like the title track and "Marijuana in My Brain" are representative of the DJ's later material, spotlighting his ease with both funky productions and more hardcore, dub-inflected material. Unfortunately, Dillinger 's bad taste is also in evidence with cuts like "Crab in My Pants" and "Mickey Mouse Crab Louse." Lyric matters aside, the music remains engaging throughout, and the many Perry -produced tracks taking up the second half of the disc nicely wind things up with raw and electric standouts like "Mid East Rock" and "Tighten Up Skank." Although a more representative Dillinger disc taking in more of his early material is needed, Cocaine in My Brain does offer a nice introduction to this underrated MC.

Dillinger Cokane In My Brain PowerDillinger Cokane In My Brain PowerDillinger Cokane In My Brain PowerDillinger Cokane In My Brain Power