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Brandon says: Hello,
I would like to learn Made Alive by Citizens. I got the verse down but the chorus strumming I can’t get down. Please help.

What Life Learning Looks Like

Learning Informally by Alan Thomas

Learning Through Storytelling by Regina Cassidy

Happytown by Rachel Gathercole

Place-Based Education by Wendy Priesnitz

Seeking Peace by Suzanne Malakoff

Of Swimming and Schooling by Rachel Gathercole

Where Fascination Leads by Laura Grace Weldon

The Whole World is a Learning Community by Wendy Priesnitz

Spaces for Learning? by Wendy Priesnitz

Working Hard Like Peopleguys by Jennifer Casey

Learning, Without Any Embarrassing Side Effects by Ralph Hogaboom

The Art of Inspiration: The Role Parents Play in Unschooling by Wendy Priesnitz

Cooking With What's in the Bag: A CSA Perspective on Unschooling by Carrie Pomeroy

Working on the Omelet: Thoughts on Cooking and Life Learning by Ellen Rowland

Taking Risks and Breaking Rules by Wendy Priesnitz

What Do Unschoolers Do All Day? Nine Ways to Facilitate Your Child's Learning by Hope Nilges

Motivation for Learning by Wendy Priesnitz

The Flow of Self-Directed Learning by Amy Spang

Immersion Education: Life Learning on a Horse Farm by Melissa Johnson

Filling in the Dots: An Unschooled Child Learns About Tests by Suzanne Malakoff

Protecting the Spark of Curiosity by Wendy Priesnitz

The Building Blocks of an Autonomous Learning Environment by Jan Fortune-Wood

Learning Naturally at Home the Permaculture Way by Beverley Paine

Make It & Mend It: Real Life Learning Opportunities by Wendy Priesnitz

Shakespeare Through an Unschooling Lens by Karen Ridd

Supporting Children to Live and Learn Without Coercion by Jan Fortune-Wood

Learning From a Mentor by Wendy Priesnitz

The Myth of Experts by Jan Fortune-Wood

The Drive to Discover by Laura Grace Weldon

Curiosity: Honoring, Encouraging, and Satisfying It by Wendy Priesnitz

Unintentional Learning in an Intentional Community by Paul Rathgeb

“Un-Sanity" – Five Daily Practices of Unstressed Unschoolers by Holly Tellander

A Toy-Free Learning Experiment by Saira Siddiqui

Playing School by Angelica Mortensen

Learning from Dolphins: Unschooling at Sea by Martina Tyrrell

Flexi Schooling by Katrin Bain

Parenting With Abundance, Not Scarcity by Lori Pickert

Should Do Versus Want To Do by Beverley Paine

I Believe in Libraries by Cara Barlow

How our Unschooling Day Flows by Priya Desikan

Learning in the Real World by Wendy Priesnitz

Growing Wild by Kerry Estey Keith

Unschooling in Colombia by Erwin Fabián Garcia Lopez and Alejandra Jaramillo

An Unschooling Landscape by Danielle Conger

Yesterday by Wayne Swanson

Beyond Academics by Rachel J. Johnson

A Grandparent's Perspective on Unschooling by Karen Ridd

Herding Cats? By Jan Fortune-Wood

What's Right With Being Wrong? by Theresa Willingham

Risking to Learn by Wendy Priesnitz

Home Learning Walden-Style by Theresa Willingham

Deep Learning by Freya Dawson

Unschooling While Making a Living by Dawn Falbe

Doing Their Best, Naturally by Rachel Gathercole

Summer of Discovery by Leslie Clark

Spinoffs, Not Outcomes by Jan Fortune Wood

The Big Questions by Robyn Coburn

The Wacky, Wonderful World of "Unpreschooling" by Celeste Land

Learning With Dinosaurs by Amy Kagey

The Over-Scheduled Family by Sage Justice

Timetabling Autonomy? by Jan Fortune-Wood

Amy Sheffer Sanctuary MineAmy Sheffer Sanctuary Mine