Gary numan telekon

The psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd , pictured here in 1967, was formed in 1965 by (from left) Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright. They would create two of the most iconic rock albums in history: "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1973) and "The Wall" (1979).

Lyrically, while continuing Numan's exploration of a dystopian future in pieces like the title track and "I Dream of Wires", Telekon also took stock of the artist's sudden celebrity and the apparently overwhelming adulation of his fans in songs like "Remind Me to Smile" ( "Reconsider 'fame'/I need new reasons/This is detention/It's not fun at all...Keep your revivals/Keep your conventions/Keep all your fantasies/That's all we are" ) and "Please Push No More". The album's musical style ranged from upbeat songs such as "I'm an Agent" and "The Joy Circuit" to mood pieces like "Sleep by Windows" and "Remember I Was Vapour".

Numan joins past honorees Devo, Brian Eno and Thomas Dolby. One of the original pioneers of popular electronic music, Gary Numan ’s enduring pursuit of new sounds ...

Gary Numan TelekonGary Numan TelekonGary Numan TelekonGary Numan Telekon