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My smooth face was the perfect metaphor for my experience with the iPhone X, which -- starting at $999, £999 or AU$1,579 -- is Apple's most expensive iPhone ever. The 10-year anniversary iPhone feels the same, but different. Weird, but good. I've been alternating between both feelings over the last couple of weeks. And you, future iPhone X owner, might feel the same. But tough it out -- because after a few days, you're probably going to like where you end up.

iPhone offers the same innovative features regardless of the wireless carrier you choose. If you choose AT&T or T-Mobile as your wireless carrier, your iPhone will use either 3G or 4G LTE cellular technology for data services and voice services. iPhone can roam internationally on many GSM carriers around the world. If you buy an iPhone with AT&T or T-Mobile, it will not work if you switch to Sprint or Verizon.

We view the convergence of these two exponential trends as the  emergence of a new social asset-class of problem-solvers . In layman terms, “We see immense opportunity resulting from the emergence of a planet of globally connected individual citizens walking around with super-computers, powering exponential technologies, in their pockets.”  

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