The flying lizards move on up

When the man saw that trees were falling toward the East, he knew that Big Head had found his trail, and he strung his bow and began to shoot through the hole as rapidly as possible. When only two arrows were left, he saw a great black Head not far away. He shot his last arrow; the roar ceased, the Head fell and he heard it say, "You have killed me!"

My husband and I moved from northern (lower peninsula) Michigan to central Florida with 2 dogs and 4 cats. It was essentially a move of necessity, leaving utter lack of work for free rent with family. I learned a few things that will hopefully come in handy due to the fact that we are now (10 yrs have passed) planning to move to washington state within the next 1-2 yrs. Whereas the MI to FL move took 2 full days with one overnight stay, this will likely take twice that. EEK. I still have 2 dogs and 4 cats but they are all (but one) different. Therefore with different needs, concerns and challenges. I also helped my mom move back to MI from FL (irony) with her 4 dogs and 3 cats. Unfortunately, one of her dogs was old, weak, ailing and the stress was too much. He didn’t make it to MI. It was a worst case scenario situation and it was pretty traumatic.
So what have I learned? (Sorry this is presented very chaotically) Provide calm as much as possible. Cats appreciate a place to hide. A roomy crate if possible, is ideal. I put a shelf in to increase space and make a secluded hiding spot underneath. Cover part of the crate with a sheet for more privacy. Especially the side where you will be opening a door or gate. A long move is going to require a box, decide if you are going to scoop or dump, they (and you) will be happier if its done at every stop. They also need encouragement to drink water. Food is best light. Towels or blankets easy access and trash bags and dirty laundry bags close by. (One of my cats vomited everywhere within the first half hr, also a good incentive to light eating prior) I sedated the cats once for a long (10hr) move and it simply yielded drugged miserable cats. WIthout meds, worked better for me. I do have positive responses with herbals. Natural Pet Anxiety remedy is easy to administer, gentle, safe and effective. Nature’s miracle calming spray has given me good results. Dogs are (usually) more resilient than cats. If you’re stressed they know it. In my experience comfort items like toys and treats are ignored, they’re feeling too disrupted to be interested. If you normally store open cans of pet food, this can be completely impractical in a move, consider smaller cans. WIth pop tops. My biggest problem with my current dogs is they are pretty unruly and not super on a leash so an easy control comfy harness is useful, unfortunately control harnesses aren’t usually convenient for wearing 24/7. On my MI to FL move, we camped. Cats stayed in the car. We pitched a tent, brought in the dogs, packed it up in the . With my mom FL to MI, we found hotels on the fly that accepted pets. Not remotely a stress free plan. the hotels were fine, the booking last minute was crazy. I think what really pushed her dog past his breaking point was that we literally packed up and cleaned her house in time for her to sign sale papers before heading out and the dogs were not allowed inside during this. They were outside, it was florida, it was hot. There was some shade and water but he wasn’t used to that and it was a bad setup for stress on an old dog. I feel like at least this one dog would have been better off boarding for the day or at a neighbors house. We didn’t even get on the road until 4 in the afternoon.
I’m dreading the move to seattle a bit (well a lot) because these dogs are more rambunctious than those we had last time and these 4 cats don’t all get along so great and won’t be able to share a crate in a civilized manner as the last time. Plus my oldest cat (Now 10 yrs old) has a sensitive disposition and has had a frightening bout of (very probably stress induced) illness once in her life already. I have experienced sudden scary pet emergencies and it does, honestly, make me nervous. I put a lot of consideration into making them comfortable and safe for the journey,

The art on many of these stones is extremely beautiful, but what makes them extremely controversial is the fact that many of them appear to contain clear depictions of dinosaurs.  Here is one example…

Florida Skink Lizards - Learn about Florida's speedy skinks including Florida sand skink, mole skinks, broadheaded skinks, Southeastern Five-lined Skink, ground skink,

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A bone unique to pterosaurs, known as the pteroid, connected to the wrist and helped to support a forward membrane (the propatagium) between the wrist and shoulder. Evidence of webbing between the three free fingers of the pterosaur forelimb suggests that this forward membrane may have been more extensive than the simple pteroid-to-shoulder connection traditionally depicted in life restorations. [19] The position of the pteroid bone itself has been controversial. Some scientists, notably Matthew Wilkinson, have argued that the pteroid pointed forward, extending the forward membrane. [21] This view was contradicted in a 2007 paper by Chris Bennett, who showed that the pteroid did not articulate as previously thought and could not have pointed forward, but rather inward toward the body as traditionally thought. [22] Peters (2009) proposed that the pteroid articulated with the ‘saddle' of the radiale (proximal syncarpal) and both the pteroid and preaxial carpal were migrated centralia. [23] This view of the articulation of the pteroid has since been supported by specimens of Changchengopterus pani and Darwinopterus linglongtaensis , both of which show the pteroid in articulation with the proximal syncarpal. [24] [25]

The Flying Lizards Move On UpThe Flying Lizards Move On UpThe Flying Lizards Move On UpThe Flying Lizards Move On Up